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What makes
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The PNI-KMPG edge

We have been extremely successful in fulfilling on-line shopping cart abandonment (e.g. when visitors leave a website before completing a purchase). If someone fills out a form but abandons the purchase, a PNI-KMPG representative contacts him to salvage the sale.

Our network infrastructure features redundancy which allows us to satisfy your business continuity plans.

By outsourcing to us, you can bypass costs and worries associated with infrastructure and manpower management. Investing in new technology is very costly and fraught with risk. As the technology market moves rapidly, keeping up with the latest innovations and solutions requires a substantial capital and knowledge outlay. Outsourced services avoids expenses related to infrastructure acquisition, recruitment and training of highly-skilled employees, depreciation of hardware and software, overhead and maintenance of equipment, social security contributions, taxation, payroll, vacation time, sick days, severance expenses, etc...

Outsourcing can convert what would otherwise be fixed costs into variable, usage-based costing. This is an important factor in maintaining a strong, liquid cash flow for your company.

Tax benefits - By offloading your labor-related tax liabilities via outsourcing, your company can save substantially on costs associated with taxes.

Our monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) enables us to identify areas where we can apply productivity boosting improvements.

Improve your market position and gain a competitive advantage for your company by employing an effective outsourcing strategy. With us, you can achieve lower rates of expense together with better service levels.

Improve service response times by taking advantage of the time difference between the United States and Manila. Work can be provided and completed for you within a 24 hour operational environment.

Reduction in management time spent on non-core functions allows you to focus more on key strategies.

Remote / Real time activity and performance monitoring.

100% recording and archiving of all transactions allows you to consult historical data as needed.

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