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Why Outsource?
Why Outsource to
the Philippines?
A History

PNI-KMPG: A History

In 2004, Nathan Kinsella decided to pack up his bags, leave his delivery job behind, and move his family to the Philippines to start his own call center. He had started a call center business in Utah earlier, but the need for low-cost manpower drove him to seek better solutions. The offshoring trend caught this 35 year-old's entrepreneurial eye, and he then began a search around the world for a partner to realize his vision.

It was in Manila where he got closer to his dream. He met Jay Quintos, a man who brokered deals on behalf of local call centers. What started as a handful of small successful jobs between the two eventually led to Kinsella selling his business in Utah and launching PNI-KMPG in Manila.

With the large customer base of Kinsella and the equally large manpower base of Quintos, their partnership became a success. Today, PNI-KMPG employs 700 people, and prides itself on earning $1.2 million on revenues last year.

To view more about this success story, go to: http://www.forbes.com/entrepreneurs/2007/08/28/outsourcing-mattel-manila-ent-manage-cx_nv_0828kinsella.html.

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