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Inbound Call Center Services

Inbound call center services deal with calls made by the consumer to obtain information, report a problem, or request for assistance. For inbound services, the subscriber typically provides a toll-free number, with an 800 or 888 prefix so that the caller does not incur a toll charge. These types of services are crucial to most major businesses, such as utility companies and mail-order catalog firms, but entail a great deal of maintenance and cost for the business. As such, outsourcing these tasks to call centers is a sound business approach.

PNI-KMPG's inbound call center representatives undergo intensive training to prepare them for undertaking the following inbound services:

1. Customer Services
An integral part of a company's value proposition, these involve activities that enhance your customer's level of satisfaction, with the aim of going beyond their expectations.

2. Order-taking
Order taking services let you maximize your resources by allowing customers to call a number to speak to a live person and ask questions. Our agents are well trained for handling such calls, taking orders and can additionally even upsell or cross-sell in the process.

3. Sales and upsells
Our agents are trained to market and sell additional products and services with higher value levels than those currently being purchased or subscribed to by the customer.

4. Lead Generation
This involves gathering data on prospective consumer interest in your products or services. This data can then be applied by your company's sales force as a means of generating sales opportunities.

5. Tech Support
Services for assisting your customers in solving specific problems associated with a particular product.

6. Help Desk Services
An information and assistance resource that answer common inquiries about your products or services.

7. Appointment Setting
An extremely effective marketing tool for mortgage brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, contractors, and service oriented businesses.

8. Surveys
A tool utilized by social scientists, marketing researchers, pollsters, and statisticians, surveys establish the numbers and proportions involving your products, and measures public opinion on new products or services.

9. Market Research
The process of systematically gathering, recording and analyzing data about your customers, your competitors and your product's niche. Market research is essential for creating most business plans, launching new products and services, fine tuning existing ones, expanding into new markets, etc.

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